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    The secret of EndWarts PEN is that only a very small amount of the solution is needed to be effective.

    The tip of EndWarts PEN is constructed to be slightly moist, but never wet. By pressing the tip of the pen on a piece of tissue before treatment, you will see a wet mark on the paper. Always keep the EndWarts pen stored in a upright position.

  • Why do we get warts?

    Warts are caused by viruses and can cause infections. There are several different types of wart viruses. Warts thrive in warm, damp environments. The virus are easily spread in places like swimming pools, gyms and through direct contact. Some people only get one wart, while others may have several. It is not unusual to have up to 10–20 warts. It is often easier to get rid of new warts than those that have been there for many years.

    What is the prevelance of warts? 2 Studies have shown that more than 1/3 of all children between 4-12 years are affected by warts. It is not unusual for children to have lots of warts. Adults also get warts. Approx 10% of population will at some point have a wart.

    (2) F.M. van Haalen et al. British Journal of Dermatology 2009 161, pp 148-152Can EndWarts be used for all types of warts?

  • Can EndWarts be used for all types of warts?

    EndWarts can be used for hand and body warts and verrucas. EndWarts must not be used for treating genital warts or facial warts. Warts on thin skin should only be treated with a tiny amount of the EndWarts solution.1

    (1) Product Information Leaflet

  • How does EndWarts work?

    EndWarts helps the body to dry out the warts so that they are rejected without leaving scars. EndWarts is a colourless solution that one applies onto the wart regularly with a cotton bud, once a week. You can help the treatment along by removing dry skin between treatments. EndWarts leaves no scars on the skin and is not sticky. It should not be combined with other wart-removal treatments.1

  • How often should I use EndWarts?

    Regularly once a week for best results. Warts on thin skin, e.g. body warts, can be treated every fortnight. Warts in adults may be treated every fifth day. Never use more than the stated amount – the treatment will not have a more rapid effect, and the skin may become irritated and tender.1

  • Do I need to wear a plaster when using EndWarts?

    No, you should NEVER wear a plaster as it may cause tenderness, soreness or skin damage.1

    (1) Product Information Leaflet

  • Will my warts disappear with EndWarts?

    Yes, most warts disappear. Studies of Formic Acid show that 92% of warts disappeared within 12 treatments, but with an average of five treatments. Ten years of experience shows the same result.

    However, a reduced immune system and some medication may affect the outcome.1

  • How long will it take to get rid of the warts?

    It differs, but most warts disappear after around five to fifteen treatments (one treatment per week). This process may be quicker, whearas some warts may take longer.

    You should continue the treatment until the wart has completely disappeared. No black spots (blood capillaries) should be visible in the wart. Warts are caused by viruses – there are many different ones and the length of treatment required may depend on the kind of wart, where it is located on the body and for how long you have had it. Warts in children are usually easier to remove. 1

    One pack is sufficient for around 30 treatments. Dip a cotton bud in the solution and this will be enough for treating 1-5 warts.

    (1) Product Information Leaflet

  • What does EndWarts contain?

    Formic Acid, water, glycerol and lemon oil. There are no known allergic reactions to the product.1

    Formic Acid is an organic acid similar to butyric acid and acetic acid. The acid is identical to natural acid and is biodegradable. As Formic Acid is corrosive, information should be provided that the product should be used with great caution. When treating children, always let the parents give the treatment. The bottle should stand on a stainless steel counter or similar to avoid any damages to painted surfaces, textiles, etc. in case of the bottle tipping over. The lid should be screwed on properly after use.

    (1) Product Information Leaflet

  • Can EndWarts be used on young children?

    The product is appropriate for young children. However, consult a doctor or pharmacist before treating children under four years of age. See the separate sheet on treating children under four. For warts in babies and toddlers, it is crucial to only use a tiny amount of EndWarts, and no more frequently than once a week. With children, it is important to never exceed the stated dose – the product is effective regardless. If your child sucks his or her fingers, you can wash their hands immediately after treatment.1

    (1) Product Information Leaflet

  • Is it painful to use EndWarts?

    No, not if used correctly, which makes EndWarts suitable for children. The wart may sometimes sting slightly. If this causes discomfort, apply some cold water onto the wart. Do not use any more solution until next treatment is due. EndWarts contains a corrosive acid and must not be used on irritated or cracked/sore skin, as it may sting.1 Also, exceeding the stated dose may cause discomfort. In such case, stop the treatment for one or two weeks to allow the skin to rest. See directions for use. If a wart feels tender, remove the skin on top of it – this will relieve the pressure.

    (1) Product Information Leaflet

  • What are possible side effects associated with EndWarts?

    EndWarts contains a strong acid that can cause skin damage with excessive dosage, incorrect application or spillage, see 2.1 in the leaflet: DO NOT USE ENDWARTS. Follow the instructions in 3.1 in the leaflet: DOSAGE AND APPLICATION to avoid skin damage.

    Less serious, temporary side effects can occur, on the application site, for example tenderness, stinging, pain, redness, burning sensation or bleeding from blood capillaries. Pause the treatment until the skin is recovered.1

    When excessive dosage, incorrect application or spillage stronger skin reactions can occur, for example blister, wound, dark pigmentation of skin, chemical burn, inflammation, tissue death (necrosis) or scar. The damaged area should be kept clean to avoid infection. Stop the treatment and at stronger damage contact a doctor.

    EndWarts has a strong smell that can be irritating to respiratory organs and eyes. Do not smell the content in the bottle. Side effects can for example be irritation in the respiratory system and/or throat, runny nose, runny eyes or difficulty in breathing.

    Isolated cases of allergic reaction for example redness, rash and itching have been reported.

    (1) Product Information Leaflet

  • When not to use EndWarts?

    Stop using EndWarts when there are no black spots visible or if the wart has fallen out, shrivelled or there is a ”hollow” where the wart was. The skin returns to normal afterwards. If you continue the treatment for too long after the wart has gone, the skin turns pink and a little watery. You then have to stop using EndWarts immediately. After a few weeks, check where the wart was; a small dot may indicate wart remnants. You then need to treat with EndWarts a couple more times.1

    (1) Product Information Leaflet

What is EndWarts

EndWarts is a new effective topical solution for self removal of warts on hands, feet, elbows and knees.


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