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1.Dip the cotton bud in EndWarts, press carefully against the edge of the bottle. The cotton bud should be just damp.

2. Press lightly with the cotton bud against the wart/verruca 2-3 times. Be careful not to touch the surrounding skin.

3. Treat regularly once a week until the wart/verruca has gone, otherwise the process stops. After 4-5 treatments you may, if everything looks good, treat every fifth day. This is particularly common in old and/or large warts/verrucas on adults. Do not exceed the dose.

4. When treating warts on thin skin, less solution may sometimes be sufficient. Treat less frequently, such as every second or third week.

5. When treating several warts/verrucas (more than five), start by treating a few to see how they react. If everything looks good after a couple of weeks' treatment, continue with the remaining warts. Several small warts/verrucas can be treated at the same time without dipping the cotton bud in EndWarts again (one dip is enough for 3-5 warts/verrucas, sometimes more - depending on their size). Start with the largest warts. Sometimes new warts that are present beneath the skin can emerge.

6. After a few treatments black spots are usually seen in the wart/verruca. Those are tiny blood capillaries that grow into the core of the wart to supply it with blood. This is a sign that the wart/verruca is about to disappear and treatment should be continued until the black spots and the wart/verruca have entirely disappeared. Sometimes the black spots can bleed a little if you have scratched the wart. Wait a few minutes before applying EndWarts until the bleeding stops, otherwise it can sting a bit. If it stings, apply cold water to soothe the pain. The wart/verruca may also turn white and grow outwards initially, before it starts to dry out. When the wart/verruca expands, the surrounding skin may become tender.

7. Keep the wart/verruca soft between treatments by using normal skin lotion or oil. The wart remnants can then come out more easily. If the wart/verruca feels tender, or if it throbs (applies primarily to verrucas), this can be because you have applied too much solution and/or the wart/verruca cannot emerge through the overlying skin. If the skin is covering the wart/verruca, then an opening needs to be made in the skin to release the wart. For cuticle warts you may have to punch a tiny hole in the outermost skin to enable the solution to reach through to the wart. If you have an old or hard wart/verruca, moisten it up by soaking the affected area in warm water for 20-30 minutes before treatment. Remove the skin on top of the verruca/wart, by using tweezers, for example. For thick skin on inward-growing warts/verrucas, remove the hard skin carefully.

Remove dry skin of the dried wart between treatments. Old or hard warts may need to soften up in hot water before treatment. For thick skin on inward-growing warts, gently remove the top layer by using a tweezers. The solution will thereafter penetrate more easily.

For warts on children, always let parents give the treatment. Children under the age of 4 years can be treated with EndWarts, but always make sure that it really is a wart and not any other kind of skin defect. Consult your General Practitioner or Pediatrician before treating. When treating children, it is particularly important to reduce the dose.

Follow the dosage and application carefully as the solution is corrosive.

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NOTE: EndWarts should not be used for the treatment of facial or genital warts, molluscs or other skin lesions.

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EndWarts is available in your local pharmacy.


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