The History of EndWarts

The History of EndWarts


Astrid, the podiatrist who became tired of warts and discovered her own wart treatment.

Astrid Agholme, medical podiatrist in Sweden, had an idea and discovered a new wart treatment 15 years ago. She patented it, had it CE-marked as a medical device and EndWarts is now sold in several European countries.

Warts are a major problem for a lot of people and those who suffer from warts are asked to see a foot care clinic or find self treatment products. Just like Astrid, many podiatrists find persistent warts a hassle.

Astrid had used different methods in her foot care clinic for many years, including freezing. In order to remove her patients’ warts, she found the freezing method expensive, painful and ineffective. Neither was she able to help her patients long-term with any other existing wart treatments.

Inspired by a patient

Inspired by one of her patients, Astrid got the idea of developing a different kind of wart treatment. The patient had an obstinate foot wart which didn’t go away despite repeated freezing treatments. The patient simply said to her:

“Find something; I have to get rid of this wart. It hurts so much that I can hardly walk.” After the man had left, Astrid started thinking. She went through all the known methods, but didn’t find anything that worked in satisfactory manner. Astrid realised that she had to think in new directions. She had an idea and developed her own solution. When the man came back, he tried this new treatment and, 14 days later, the wart had started to shrivel. After a few more treatments, it was completely gone – and remains so to this day!

Astrid continued developing her new solution and for six years she experimented to work out the correct mixture. She attended inventor courses and applied for a patent. Astrid has treated thousands of patients and has removed an estimated 60,000 warts at her foot care clinic.

Where can I buy EndWarts?

EndWarts is available in your local pharmacy.


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