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Effective wart treatment with EndWarts PEN


Effective wart treatment with EndWarts PEN1,2

Treating warts and verrucas is convenient with EndWarts PEN – the application takes a few seconds. EndWarts Pen only needs to be applied once a week. EndWarts PEN contains formic acid and comes in a convenient applicator that makes the treatment quick and easy.

The user-friendly pen has a triangular grip that ensures steady application and a unique tip that automatically delivers the correct dose of formic acid to the wart. EndWarts PEN is absorbed directly into the wart and the solution leaves no trace on the skin. For example, you can put on socks or take a bath immediately following application.

How to use EndWarts PEN2

Follow these simple steps to remove warts/verrucas:

1. To open, the cap is rotated until the orange strip on the pen is in line with the small cavity on the cap. Once in line, the cap can be safely pulled off the body of the pen.

2. Press the tip of the pen lightly against the wart/verruca for one second and repeat once. Be careful not to apply the solution to the surrounding skin

For a successful result, treat regularly once a week until the wart/verruca has completely disappeared, otherwise the process stops. 

Always keep the applicator pen out of sight and reach of children!

EndWarts PEN can be used on hands, feet, elbows and knees1,2

EndWarts PEN can treat warts on the hands, feet, elbows and knees. The unique formula in EndWarts PEN helps the body to dry out and reject warts. The warts usually disappear completely after 4-5 treatments.

Avoid applying the solution to the area surrounding the wart, since formic acid is corrosive and can damage healthy skin. This is especially important when treating people with diabetes. It is also important for treating areas of thin skin, for example, on children and on top of the hand.

EndWarts PEN is a suitable treatment for small children2

EndWarts PEN is an effective wart treatment that can be used by the whole family, including children. Since EndWarts PEN is absorbed directly into the wart and the solution leaves no trace on the skin, for example, put on socks or take a bath immediately following application. Using EndWarts PEN only takes a few seconds once a week, so the wart treatment does not cause stress or interruption to your day.

Treatment of children under 4 years2

Consult your General Practitioner or paediatrician before treating.

Children under 4 years of age can be treated with the EndWarts PEN but always ensure that it actually is a wart/verruca and not any other kind of skin defect. For children under 4 years of age, it is particularly important to reduce the dose. Treat less frequently, such as every second or third week.

Children should always be treated by an adult, as the EndWarts solution is corrosive and needs to be handled with extra care. When EndWarts PEN is used correctly it is not painful to the child. Follow the instructions carefully and avoid applying the solution to the skin that surrounds the wart.

Treatment of people with diabetes2

People with diabetes should only use EndWarts PEN on warts/verrucas on healthy skin (undamaged and unaffected by diabetic disease) and with extra care. In the event of problems, always consult your doctor/nurse or foot care specialist.

More about EndWarts PEN1,2

Treat warts/verrucas with EndWarts PEN once a week until the wart/verruca disappears.

Multiple warts can be treated at the same time.

The pen contains enough formic acid for approximately 30 treatments.

The ergonomic EndWarts PEN was designed to make wart removal simple and precise.

Store EndWarts PEN with the child-resistant cap on, and the tip down to prevent it from drying out.

Read more about instructions for use here

EndWarts PEN is corrosive with an irritating and strong smell. Do not inhale. For external use only. Keep out of the sight and reach of children.

Do not over apply! Excessive and/or incorrect application can cause pain and skin damage.

If you use too much or accidentally spread the solution on the surrounding skin, rinse immediately with plenty of water to reduce skin damage.

If the solution gets into your eyes, rinse immediately and repeatedly with lukewarm water for a minimum of 15 minutes and seek medical attention.

Always keep the applicator pen out of sight and reach of children

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EndWarts PEN Information for Use 

Bhat et al., International Journal of Dermatology 2001, 40, 415±419.


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