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User instructions

What you need to know before you use EndWarts PEN1

  • Do not use if the wart/verruca being treated becomes tender, bleeds or the skin becomes irritated. Pause treatment until the skin has recovered.
  • Do not use a plaster with EndWarts PEN. Use of a plaster during treatment may cause skin damage.
  • Do not use if the wart/verruca being treated becomes tender, bleeds or the skin becomes irritated. Pause treatment until the skin has recovered.
  • Do not combine EndWarts PEN with other wart/verruca removal treatments.
  • Do not use EndWarts PEN if you are allergic to any of the ingredients.

User instructions1

The user-friendly design of EndWarts PEN makes treating warts and verrucas convenient.

NOTE! Follow the dosage and application instructions carefully as the solution is corrosive.

Follow these simple steps:

1. To open, the cap is rotated until the orange strip on the pen is in line with the small cavity on the cap. Once in line, the cap can be safely pulled off the body of the pen.

2. Press the tip of the pen lightly against the wart/verruca for one second and repeat once. Be careful not to apply the solution to the surrounding skin

For a successful result, treat regularly once a week until the wart/verruca has completely disappeared, otherwise the process stops.

The contents of each EndWarts PEN is sufficient for about 30 treatments.

The solution is bactericidal and when used correctly, does not scar or cause infections. The ergonomic, triangle-shaped grip makes the pen easy to grasp and ensures a precise application.

EndWarts PEN can be used by the whole family, but a child should always be treated by an adult. Read more about the treatment for children under 4 years.

After a few treatments black spots are usually seen in the wart/verruca. These are tiny blood capillaries that supply the wart/verruca with blood. This is a sign that the wart/verruca is about to disappear and treatment should be continued until the black spots and the wart/verruca have entirely disappeared. Sometimes the black spots can bleed a little if you have scratched the wart/verruca. Wait a few minutes until the bleeding stops before applying the solution, otherwise it can sting. If it stings, rinse with cold water immediately to soothe the pain.

Always keep the applicator pen out of sight and reach of children. 

Treatment of several warts/verrucas1

If treating several warts/verrucas, start by treating a select number for two weeks to see how the skin reacts. If the skin is unaffected, continue with the remaining warts/verrucas.

Treatment of old and/or hard warts/verrucas1

Old and/or large warts/verrucas on adults may after 4–5 treatments be treated every fifth day, if the skin is not irritated. Do not over apply. If the skin is covering the wart/verruca an opening needs to be made in the skin, for example, by using a tweezers. If you have an old or hard wart/verruca, moisten it before treatment by soaking the affected area in warm water until the skin is soft. Pinch or scrape the skin on top of the wart/verruca, by using for example a tweezers.

For thick skin on inward-growing verrucas, remove the hard skin carefully.

For cuticle warts you may have to pierce a tiny hole in the outermost skin to enable the solution to penetrate the wart.

Do not file the warts/verrucas. The warts/verrucas may become tender and they will form a new hard surface.

Download full instructions for use here.

Treatment of People with Diabetes1

People with diabetes should only use EndWarts PEN on warts/verrucas on healthy skin (undamaged and unaffected by diabetic disease) and with extra care. In the event of problems, always consult your doctor/nurse or foot care specialist.

1 EndWarts PEN Information for Use

What is EndWarts

EndWarts is a new effective topical solution for self removal of warts on hands, feet, elbows and knees.


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