Clinical studies

Clinical studies: the warts disappear!

Several research reports claim that the active substance in EndWarts is an effective, painless and safe method of removing warts.

Article in the International Journal of Dermatology

A study presented in an article published in the International Journal of Dermatology 2001, confirms the effectiveness of warts drying out through using EndWarts’s active substance.

92% of the warts were gone after 12 treatments! An average of 4.6 treatments was required.2

No scarring. The team of doctors who carried out the study also found that moistening with a cotton bud did not leave any scarring on the skin of the warts.

Safe method. No patients had any side-effects.

Use on children. The study also showed that the method is suitable for treating children.

A safe, effective and painless method. The doctors who conducted the study found that the use of EndWarts’s active substance is a safe, effective and painless wart removal method.

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What is EndWarts

EndWarts is a new effective topical solution for self removal of warts on hands, feet, elbows and knees.


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